Oovoo is a free software for instant messaging, video chatting, group video chatting, everything what is not available in google talk, skype or other video calling softwares.

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this software is especially developed by ooVoo LLC for Microsoft Windows, It was published in 2007. basically it’s similar to skype but more effective than skype this time.Anyone can register here and after register he/she can group chat with 12 people at a time. 6 video chats and 6 voice chats. Very interesting and useful tool. If you are messed up with the services of skype then you should try it.

Free tools

Video call:  anyone can video chat and text chat at a time.

Web Video chat:  you can call anyone via email by oovoo

video message: you can record up to 100 minutes and send the video to anyone.

file share: you can send file up to 50 mb for free


Paid Features

Video conference: anyone can make a group video conference after being a premium member.

phone call: you can call to landlines numbers around 70 countries.

desktop sharing: You are may be familiar to team viewer. you can use ooVoo as team viewer/ desktop sharing software.





ooVoo alows you to free register and instant messaging, voice  chatting, video chatting and the most important and attractive part of this software is group video chatting. you can talk with up to 12 people at a time by this software.


Video Chat


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