Chernobyl Diaries

Chernobyl Diaries

Title: Forbidden Zone
Original title: Chernobyl Diaries
Released: 2012
Genre: Horror
Directed by Bradley Parker
Cast: Ingrid Bolsay Berdan, Dmitry Dyachenko, Olivia Dudley, Devin Kelly, Jesse McCartney, Nathan Phillips, Jonathan Sadowski, Milos Timotievich, Milutin Milosevic, Ivan Djordjevic
Size: 1.37 GB

About the film: Six young extreme tourists came for holidays in Ukraine. Upon learning that the exclusion zone are organized tours, they hire a guide and go for an unforgettable experience. And these do not make them wait long. It seemed that the radioactive city is empty and abandoned. There’s nothing left alive. But as soon as the sun hides behind the horizon, Pripyat alive. Inhuman screams shake the night air. Hapless travelers embrace the horror and panic. They understand that they are not alone in this dead city.

Released: U.S. / FilmNation Entertainment
Duration: 1:19:36
Sound: Dubbed

Format: AVI (XviD)
Quality: CAMRip
Video: 2292 Kb / s, 720×272
Audio: MP3, 160 kb / s (2 ch)
Size: 1,400 MB

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